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Having trouble with your Zapp device?

Here are some tips for your Chromecast to prevent and fix minor issues.

  1. Don't forget to configure your remote control with your television (for more details, watch the video)
  2. If your TV isn't compatible, be sure to turn off the Chromecast every night using the Chromecast remote.
  3. Always leave the modem within 15 feet of the television.
  4. Once a month, unplug the Chromecast and your modem for 1 minute. Then plug the Chromecast back in, it will all turn back on in 2-3 minutes.
  5. If you see the code 401 appear, your plan has probably expired. In this case, please visit our site in order to renew.
  6. You should never save.
  7. If you see the code 403 appear, check that there is no recording in progress. Also, make sure you are well connected to wifi. Then please disconnect and reconnect the Chromecast.
  8. If the remote does not respond, check the batteries in the remote. You can remove and replace them. If this persists, press the button on the back of the Chromecast for 2 seconds. Then, hold down the buttons (left arrow and home) simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  9. If you accidentally disconnect from the Google account, the password for reconnection is: jynxbox1

Technical support

For any technical problem

If you have a problem, simply contact us via email or phone: