Nous éprouvons présentement des difficultés techniques au niveau de nos courriels.

Plug in the Zapp device

Plug your Zapp device into an HDMI port on your TV. Connect your power cable and plug it into a power outlet.

Start the device

Turn on your TV and change the source to select the correct HDMI port.

Connect to the internet

On the main menu, in the top right corner, select “setting”. Choose your internet network and enter your password.

Connect the remote control to the television

Select "remote control and accessories > Configure remote control buttons > Add device > TV" and follow the on-screen instructions.

*Some TVs are not yet compatible.

Back to home

At any time, press the "home" button on your controller to return to the main menu. Return to the home page and select the Zapp TV application.


If you have any further questions, contact us via our chat bot at the bottom right of your screen.